2016 Ended Very well – with Many important advancements in Space Technology, 2017 Looks more promising and Exciting with massive projects and missions planned by major space organizations around the world. Here are the List of the Top 10 Space Missions planned for the year,  2017

The Below infographic shows the top space missions planned by different organisations accross world, and the details of which are given after that,

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Top space events of 2017
The infographic by theconclusion.in giving all the info about top space events this year

1. ISRO Planning World Record Mission of Launching 83 satellites on a single rocket:

Indian space agency ISRO is aiming for a world record by putting into orbit 83 satellites — two Indian and 81 foreign — on a single rocket in early 2017.

Top 10 space missions of 2017
Image Showing ISR’s PSLV Rocket getting Ready for Launch

The plan is to launch, all 81 Satellites in the same orbit, hence there will be no switching On or Off of Launching vehicle. The major challenge for the proposed mission is to hold the rocket in the same orbit till all the satellites are ejected.

ISRO will use its Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle(PSLV-XL) rocket variant for the record launch. This will put ISRO on top of the list of organizations, that launches satellites at Extremely Low cost. This Space project by ISRO is planned to take place at the End of Jan 2017.

Credits: Indian Express

2. NASA to Launch its largest rocket: Space Launch System (SLS)

NASA’s Space Launch System, or SLS, is an advanced launch vehicle for a new era of exploration beyond Earth’s orbit into deep space.

Top 10 space Missions of 2017
This artist’s concept shows NASA’s Space Launch System atop its Florida launch pad.
Credit: NASA

SLS, the world’s most powerful rocket, will launch astronauts on missions to an asteroid and eventually to Mars, while opening new possibilities for other payloads including robotic scientific missions to places like Mars, Saturn and Jupiter.

Offering the highest-ever payload mass and volume capability and energy to speed missions through space, SLS is designed to be flexible and evolvable, to meet a variety of crew and cargo mission needs.

Engineers are making rapid progress aimed toward delivering the first SLS rocket to NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida for its first launch.

credits: https://www.nasa.gov/exploration/systems/sls/overview.html

3. Russia To Deploy Its Own Space Station In 2017

 Top Space projects of 2017
Russia will deploy its own orbital space station in 2017. Modules and devices developed for the Russian segment of the ISS will be used for the project initially, helping Moscow avoid additional costs. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The Next Big news of 2017 is Russian Federal Space Agency is going to Launch Space Station in 2017,  as said in previous year’s announcements.

The new station will be located in a geometrically favorable location with the possibility of an extended field of view of the Earth’s surface,” the source told Kommersant. “As much as 90 percent of Russia’s territory and the Arctic offshore area will be visible from the new space station.

This would be one of the major leap for Russia, followed by china to set the Space station on space.

4. European Space Agency Plans to Build Moon Village in 2017:

The European Space Agency is planning on setting up a permanent outpost on the moon. The moon village will be a base for many new innovations, science, business, mining and tourism, said the multinational agency’s head John-Dietrich Woerner.

This Long term project is going to start from 2017 and it will take a decade to complete.

After many years of studying, examining and visiting the moon, it is now finally come to a point where a permanent base is being planned on the moon.

They are planning to use the resources on moon as much as possible rather than carrying resources fro earth.

Credits: thenatureworldnews.com

5 . ISRO’s Chandrayan – II to Moon and Mission Aditya:

ISRO was previously successful in its first Mission to Moon – Chandrayan 1, is now planned to send Chandrayan 2. It includes a lunar orbiter, lander and rover, all developed by India. India is planning to launch Chandrayaan-2 by End of 2017 or in 2018.

The Next Big thing is India’s Solar Mission – Aditya.

This solar probe will study the Solar Corona and will orbit the sun. ISRO will gain an important place by performing a solar mission after USA, European union and Russia.

After this Mission, India would collect its own data and calculate Solar weather and will no more Rely on NASA.

6. NASA’s next big thing: Manned Mission to the Mars:

NASA is on a journey to Mars, with a goal of sending humans to the Red Planet in the 2030s. That journey is already well under way.They are starting to work for it from 2017.



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