Fathers are very special in everyone’s life.Unfortunately, we realize this very lately. At the young age, we love our Mom the Most, after that we come to an age where we love our Girlfriend, after that our Wife and our children after that.

The very important person that most of us missed throughout the life is our Father. Yeah, Your mom, wife, children all shows unconditional love on you but none of them could ever match your father’s Love.

Here are the Reasons why Father is the Relationship of top most importance in everyone’s Life :

1. He Sacrifices Himself for you in an Inhuman way

If you were born into a Middle-class family, you would have seen your dad running all the week for earning money. For you, this is a typical scenario in our everyday life and we feel nothing special about it. We love our dad at that age because he gets us everything we want. But we failed to notice one thing,

His Inhuman level of scarification, that led us to dress well, eat well, get a good education and every comfort of our life.


He had worked his Fingers to bones  to see the smile on your face and to get you the best in the Town. He Willingly took extra shifts and dedicate his weekends just to give you a better life.

Could you imagine anyone in this world does this for you? Only your father could do this with a smile on his face.

2. He Doesn’t teach us, He showed us How life is to be Lived

When a father gives to his son, both laugh; when a son gives to his father, both cry.

UnDoubtedly, your father should be your greatest inspiration in your life. If you name some other man as your inspiration, you must probably be unaware , what your father is.

Our Fathers teaches us something, that our education and our experience doesn’t teach us.

Moreover his life teaches us things more than his Words. I have always seen my dad wearing poor quality shoes and pants and he barely spends for himself to statisfy his Basic need, yet he saves money to join me a good university, always gets me new dresses and other thing I need.

His Life teached me the highest level of maturity and selflessness and what unconditional love is.

3. He shapes us in the way, how it needs to be done

He knows the art of shaping us , better than our Moms.He knows in which situation he needs to be strict, situation he needs to be patient and the situation he need to support us .He is undoubtely, better in doing this than anyone else.

So never hate him for not accepting your love or not getting you the latest bike you want. Somehow, in latter point of life everyone will realise the truth that what our fathers did are purely for our betterment but your father is not going to stay with you till that age.

so, start realising the truth that , whatever our father is doing now are purely the things that going to lift up your life.

4. He’ll never let you forget how loved you are

You should never get depressed in life on failing to find the true love or get rejected by a guy or girl. If that ever happens, think of your dad and say this to yourself.

I’m so powerfully loved by the best man I’ve ever known.

Yeah, your father is your best teacher, best hero, best inspiration and best lover.

Never fail to show your love now and feel at the later point of time.Always love him. If possible workship him 🙂



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