Did you ever wonder, why the planets don’t twinkle like the stars in the night sky?  Why doesn’t the moon or the sun doesn’t  twinkle but the stars do?

Why planets dont twinkle like stars
Why planets don’t twinkle like stars: Graphics showing stars and planet at night sky.

Why don’t the Planets Twinkle in Night Sky

Earth’s atmosphere is in constant motion and the density of its numerous layers can vary rapidly. so the refraction(or light bending) that the stars light experiences as it propagates through the atmosphere is constantly changing.

This means that the apparent position and brightness of the star changes slightly from moment to moment. This makes a star to appear wobble or twinkle.

This is one of the reasons the Hubble telescope is so successful: in space, there is no atmosphere to make the stars twinkle, allowing a much better image to be obtained.


However, a star is so far away that it is just a point of light, whereas a planet, being so much closer, is a tiny disc of light.Although your eyes can’t resolve the disc unaided, the extent of the planet on the sky is generally much larger than the size of atmospheric variations which causes twinkling.

so, although planets do actually twinkle to some extent, it is much less noticeable than it is for stars.




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